Thursday, 24 January 2013

A bright start to the new year from Prestigious Textiles

A lighter outlook fabrics from Prestigious Textiles including:


Jubilee is a real celebration of home décor trends, with designs and fabrics for the entire room. Blends of natural fibres and rich, regal shades have been used to create classic checks, twills and sporty stripes whilst cheery embroidered spots, sprays and bouquets impart a romantic twist.


Harmony is a showcase of embroidered polyesters for shimmering draperies. In colourways inspired by sun-kissed summer gardens, two exquisite floral trails are partnered by a pair of crisp barcode stripes, with the silken slub backdrop also offered as a complementary plain.

Ideal World

Ideal World captures a child's joy of travel with its naïve depictions of iconic buildings, animals, maps and stamps. The collection comprises nine cotton prints plus three embroidered coordinates and four matching wallpapers, featuring design stories and colourways to suit even the most discerning youngsters.

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